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Our Blueprints to Your Successful PR communications Campaign

Not every brand is viewed equal. We know that the best results come from piecing the right brand to the right strategy to make it stand out from the crowd. With our team of PR professionals and our state-of-the-art PR communications module, we are here to ensure that you get the publicity that you deserve and bound for greater success.

SLPR, Press release distribution agency

Focusing on Capability Development

  • We target decision makers and opinion leaders in your industry to help drive reputation, commercial and financial results.
  • We develop communications modules and framework that are driven by consumer insights, multifaceted environment and trends to establish trust-based relationship.
  • We help to identify your brand’s capability, we’re here to help leverage your brand assets, engage target audience and forge or shift perceptions.
  • We use multiple channels to engage and tell your stories to more business.
  • We craft your stories based on your brand philosophy, market drivers and audiences.
  • We craft your stories based on your brand philosophy, market drivers and audiences.
  • Your unique framework crafted by us will be scalable, actionable and measurable in accordance to respective marketing disciplines.


The digital equation to your Impactful, data driven marketing

We help our client to create and implement digital marketing and social media campaigns that drive commerce, engagement and creative impact towards their target audiences. We project manage and define strategic marketing direction and investment based on data analytics, high frequency testing and optimization to achieve optimum return on investment.

As a professional agency, we practice full transparency. Hence, we ensure our clients on no bill-shock, no mark-ups or hidden fees. To back-up our practices in transparency and full-disclosure, we share our optimization and analytics reports with clients on a monthly basis and always ensuring that client is informed on how, where and when their hard earn money was spent and the return on investment.