We prioritises the needs of each client and carefully tailor our strategies to make your business grow. We constantly strive to help you find your voice in a saturated industry where everyone wants to be significant and impactful to their audience. Our team comprises of experienced industry PR practitioners and Digital Engineers that are professional yet fun creative thinkers and Do-ers, constantly beaming with campaign ideas to help our clients transform their way of communicating to its target audience, effectively and efficiently from time to time. We understand our clients’ brands and we can see the potential that we can draw from them.

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

Building a brand is considered to be more important than building a product and this is what makes successful brands thrive in the industry. They understand the significance of brand equity and the need to be bold and authentic in their articulation.

We acknowledge that the key to a growing organisation is in brand definition amidst an ever-changing landscape, and with our unparalleled experience in corporate communication with decades of experience and a proven track record of helping clients succeed, SLPR Worldwide is always ready to work with clients who are equally as eager to capitalise on opportunities brought upon by today’s complex world.

Areas of expertise: Executive positioning, reputation management, financial communication, public relations, employee engagement, corporate culture, thought leadership, corporate responsibility & purpose.

Our future is digital and it is a powerful platform which has changed how the public consumes information today. Interactions and connections facilitated in this ecosystem are dynamic and fast paced, offering robust opportunities for stakeholders.

At SLPR Worldwide, we are ahead of the evolving trends in the digital space and we understand that the community is critical to the success of a digital platform. It is crucial to cultivate valuable interactions with our target audience, keeping them engaged through interactive, visual, and evocative storytelling.

As digitally driven experts, we utilise analytics to design digital strategies by identifying topics and refining messages for increased online engagement, allowing us to extend the reach and impact of our clients’ narrative.

Areas of expertise: Amplification, influencers, data anthropology, listening, community management, targeting, employee advocacy, web development.

SLPR Worldwide provides omnichannel solutions to our clients by integrating all communication channels like text, chat, call, email, mobile apps, and social media all into one contact solution.

Essential in our modern world, an omnichannel enhances customer interactions by providing communication options across all channels especially for customers to communicate their needs and have their questions answered.

We are here to ensure our clients deliver exceptional customer experience by offering effective and customised omnichannel strategies.

Areas of expertise: Media relations, event management, branding and activations, consumer engagement, influencer marketing, advertising and paid media, product launches, partnerships, digital influence, consumer and market insights, business to business campaigns.

At SLPR Worldwide, we believe in building relationships.

It is about developing and nurturing a trusting and long-lasting relationship with journalists, influencers, key publications, and stakeholders where we work together in unison, encouraging camaraderie and loyalty.

We have the innovative thought process, experience, and technologies to create precise and effective campaigns and we believe that media is about leaving a significant impact on society, generating dialogues and influencing perceptions.

Our in-house team together with our ever-growing network of media relations work seamlessly to position our clients above the rest with the main purpose of conveying a brand’s value proposition to its target market.

Areas of expertise: Story development & messaging, media strategy, strategic media outreach, executive training, crisis media planning & execution.

We bring meaning to brand messaging by infusing our work with cutting-edge creative approaches to create powerful and compelling stories in line with our client’s focus, priority and direction. Through our fearless creativity considering the aspects of humanity, we invite target audiences to embark upon a memorable journey to experience distinctive brand insight.

With full in-house capabilities paired with a dedicated team of creatives, we provide clients with efficiently designed solutions to help them achieve their advertising goals. From the drawing board to full-service execution, SLPR Worldwide’s creative and advertising teams deliver only the best to our clients.

Areas of expertise: Advertising, branding, content development, rich media, storytelling, video podcasting.

Crises are inevitable and the importance of communication in crisis management cannot be overstated. It is fundamental for an organisation to have a contingency plan in the face of the unexpected.

In an uncertain and perplexing time, strategic communication plays a critical role in providing clarity, stabilising and advancing an organisation by instilling confidence and earning the trust of stakeholders.

SLPR Worldwide is equipped with the know-how to help our clients successfully recover and maintain company continuity in a crisis situation. We address issues meticulously to prevent or lessen the damage a crisis can inflict on an organisation and its stakeholders using clear communication with appropriate protocols in place.

We create and execute tailor-made and fully-integrated communication strategies to ensure audiences receive impactful brand messaging through various marketing channels to initiate measurable results for our clients.

Understanding our client’s passion for unique issues is integral in our process to determine a personalised solution. We take pride in representing their best interests by utilising our strategic and collaborative functions to communicate brand story and value.

We believe in the importance of engagement and amplification of authentic voices and our team of experts is here to work with you for a dynamic. comprehensive, and effective outcome.

Areas of expertise: coalition building, public affairs, stakeholder engagement, ally development & coalition building.

Leading good intentions to transformative impact.

We all have the responsibility of making the world a better place. However, significant change requires radical shifts in how we think and what we do.

At SLPR Worldwide, our social impact initiatives focus on shaping a better future. We seek to maximise positive economic and environmental impact in ways that will generate sustainable returns for our clients.

In this time of systematic change, our work requires us to be socially aware and act in sustainable ways to address key issues of our time, including corporate purpose; ESG; climate and sustainability; racial and gender equity; and social justice.

Our team of experts accurately organise, plan, implement, and communicate our clients’ sustainability initiatives to achieve superior performance through social impact efforts that create value.

Areas of focus: ESG Strategy, reporting and communications

We understand what it takes to drive change within an organisation and inspire its people.

Strong internal communication strategy increases trust and helps boost employee engagement which contributes to organisational success in many ways.

At SLPR Worldwide, our Internal Communications and Employee Engagement team takes an integrated approach that puts employees first. Now that businesses are known to play the role of changemakers in society, it is even more important to adapt to employees’ shifting expectations.

We are here to develop effective strategies to help you create a holistic working culture where employees can work productively and continue to stay inspired to deliver desired business outcomes.

Areas of expertise: Internal communication, purpose, values and brand narrative, employer branding and reputation management