1. What does a PR communications agency do?

We are responsible in managing the Client’s brand reputation through various forms of media networks and communication platforms. These involve:

  • Writing press releases, speech, copywriting, feature article, by-line article etc.
  • Media relations: outreach to media, media monitoring, media pitching, etc.
  • Social media services: content creation, social media engagement, etc.
  • Media training
  • Event planning and execution: press conference, Media launch, activation, etc.
  • Crisis management
  • Product reviews
  • Media Tours
  • Seminars or Speaking Engagements
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) engagements
  • Social media activities

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2. How Corporations and SMEs can benefit from Public Relations Campaign?

  • Uplift the image of your brand and assist in getting your brand noticed and connected with the right demographic using the right communication message and media platform.
  • Increase brand credibility and trust
  • Boost brand awareness, retention and recall
  • Distinguish your brand from competitors
  • Entice investors
  • Provide exponential word-of-mouth impact
  • Handle customers complains and negative feedback with constructive responses.
  • Forge press relations and gaining media exposure
  • Maintain brand relevancy with target audiences

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3. Is Public Relations an effective Marketing Strategy?

Public Relations activities consist of marketing supporting programs that are created to maintain, enhance or to drive a company’s brand image as well as the products and services it offers. It is also the most effective method to communicate and relate to the market in a non-commercial approach. Companies can seek for Public Relations to:

  • Arrange for events, press conference, Media or product launches, etc.
  • Introduce new products or services to the public in non-commercial ways.
  • Create or increase interest in a product, service, or brand.
  • Influence specific target groups.
  • Defend product or service that has suffered from negative press or perception.
  • Enhance the company’s overall image and forge perceptions through our GMP program.

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4. Public Relations VS. Advertising?

Public Relations Advertising
General Public acknowledge how good you are. You tell the public how good you are.
Space Earned coverage; from news release, press conference, interviews, etc. Paid space.
Content control You have no absolute control of the content. You have full control of the advertisement’s content.
Shelf life The article will appear only once, and the media will not publish the same article twice. The advertisement can continue to appear based on the length of the advertising contract with relevant media.
Consumers perspectives Consumers perceive it as a third-party endorsement with higher credibility because the coverage is an earned media. Consumers aware that the advertisement is meant to sell them a product or service, hence consumer viewed it as a commercial approach.
Focus How relevant are your “stories” to the current situation and the news worthiness of it. The creativity of the advertisement in order to impact people’s perceptions
Publishing style Non-commercial Commercial

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1. Is Social Media & Digital Marketing an effective Marketing Strategy?

Social Media and other digital medium has been a growing platform over the years and many businesses have started to realise that it can be a crucial component to their marketing strategy. Social Media can be a cost-effective way to reach all demographics or a specific target group that the business wishes to engage with. It is also accessible anywhere and at any time for both the business and their target audience. With many people spending their time on Social Media, businesses cannot afford not to have their presence on such a huge platform. Too much hassle in handling a Digital project? contact us now.

2. Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies can help business to:

  • Create a personalised experience for their customers
  • Share service, product, brand story
  • Reach a larger mass or targeted audience with targeted content and Ads
  • Build a brand image
  • Influence customer

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3. How Small Business can benefit from Social Media and Digital Marketing?

  • If you’re a budding brand or SME, we can help you find a footing and get you started in making your debut onto the Social Media and Digital Arena.
  • Increase word-of-mouth to make your brand presence noticeable.
  • We can help you find your tone of voice and personality to make you stand out from your competitors.
  • We provide you with advice on how to solve customer feedback and how to respond to them in a professional manner.
  • We present your brand in the online space which attracts co-marketing and partnership opportunities.
  • Tie-in promotions that links one another to their Social Media Pages with measurable data.
  • Get your new content out at lightning-fast speed and be a trend-setter.
  • Provide alternative platforms to display your content interactively and engagingly.
  • Work as a research and feedback tool to find out what your target audience are into or the latest trend that everyone is talking.
  • Sync with PR effort to build branding recognition.
  • Announce for promotions using viral campaigns and enticing visuals with good carrots to increase walk-in footfall.
  • Sync with PR effort to develop positive brand image and build credibility for your products or services.

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4. How to measure the effectiveness of Social Media and Digital Marketing?

  • Your fan base speaks volume – figuratively and literally
  • Your brand and product becomes viral – share-ability & talk-ability
  • Target or Mass awareness: reach, exposure
  • Engagement: comments, share, click through rate
  • Traffic: link clicks to landing page, click through rates, conversions

5. Cost, Benefits and ROI of Social Media and Digital Marketing

  • Affordable as you can set your own budget for social media advertising
  • Reach and engage with target or intended audience with less cost
  • Timeliness
  • Track your result with data analytics

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6. Crisis Management with Social Media.

The benefit of Social Media is that it is accessible anytime and anywhere – making your response just a click away. You can send your message to the masses a whole lot quicker and respond to the situation with Social Media. When you have the first word and create an opening statement to address the issue, it can help clarify certain issues before things get out of hand. It shows that you are aware and that you acknowledge that the situation has happened and that you are currently working on a solution.Too much hassle in handling a Digital project? Contact us now.

Question to ask during agency appointment:

A good agency should have at least all the below qualities and values: Public Relations:-

  • Client’s heritage with reference letter to ensure the quality and service level of an agency is as good as what they pitch to you.
  • Understand the difference between targeted media and GUARANTEE media.
  • Have a clear understanding on current media landscape.
  • Have a clear servicing process.
  • Proven track record with client’s reference email or letter.
  • An agency with a soul – the founder that is still alive.
  • Have the same values and direction as your team.


  • Be up to date with the current social media trends.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the social media platforms and atmosphere.
  • Bold ideas to make a brand stand out on social media.
  • Profound understanding on the brands’ target audience and how to engage with them.
  • Communications and people skills to engage with a brand’s audience.
  • Responsive and critical thinking skills.
  • Strong language command and creative copywriting skills.
  • Decent digital creative team.

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