At SLPR WORLDWIDE, we believe that all real works should be undertaken with a great sense of integrity, sincerity and responsibility to produce even greater results. Servicing clients across Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, we work with clients near and far to help them connect with their target audience through a unified PR communications strategy and voice to create a lasting impact and – forge intended perceptions. We mind our business, and our business is helping you to promote yours and we are here to ensure that it grows and flourishes.


We work with clients to connect with their target audience through unified PR communications strategy and messages to form intended brand perceptions.

We are DRIVEN BY RESULTS. No task is too large when we have made a promise to our clients to deliver the best results for their brand. We have a strong sense of INTEGRITY. Our aim is to make your brand be known to your target audience through strategic communications channel. We hold strongly to our beliefs and place our clients’ needs as our top most priority. We are SINCERE in what we do and tell it as it is. For us to work closely with our clients and to bring out their best brand and marketing potential, we map out the strategic communications plans that will work for them and leave out the sugarcoating for plans that won’t work.

We know how to play the game as we practice just 1 thing for 10,000 times “Marketing Communications.”